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High Quality Oral Stanozolol / Winstrol 50mg/20mg Fat Loss And Bodybuilding

High Quality Oral Stanozolol / Winstrol 50mg/20mg Fat Loss And Bodybuilding

    • High Quality Oral Stanozolol / Winstrol 50mg/20mg  Fat Loss And Bodybuilding
    • High Quality Oral Stanozolol / Winstrol 50mg/20mg  Fat Loss And Bodybuilding
  • High Quality Oral Stanozolol / Winstrol 50mg/20mg  Fat Loss And Bodybuilding

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Doublewin
    Certification: GMP, ISO, SFDA
    Model Number: Stanozolol

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 bottle
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Foil bag/Hidden packaging/Original
    Delivery Time: Shipped within 24 hours after payment
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 1000 bottles/Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Porduct Name: Stanozolol Other Name: Winstrol
    Form: Oral Tablet Unit: 100 Tabs
    Strength/mL: 50mg,10mg Purity: 99%
    Origin: China WhatsApp: +86 17683962426
    Skype: Eunice1998
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    Winstrol is a popular name for the anabolic steroid stanozolol. This compound is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, although its activity is much milder than this androgen in nature.


    It is technically classified as an anabolic steroid, shown to exhibit a slightly greater tendency for muscle growth than androgenic activity in early studies.


    While dihydrotestosterone really only provides androgenic side effects when administered, stanozolol instead provides quality muscle growth. The anabolic properties of this substance are still mild in comparison to many stronger compounds, but it is still a ggod, reliable builder of muscle.


    Its anabolic properties could even be comparable to Dianabol, but Winstrol does not have the same tendency for water retention. Stanozolol also contains the same c17 methylation we see with Dianabol, an alteration used so that oral administration is possible. To spite this design however, there are many injectable versions of this steroid produced.


    Since stanozolol is not capable of converting into estrogen, an anti-estrogen is not necessary when using this steroid, gynecomastia is not a concern even among the most sensitive individuals. Since estrogen is also the cause of water retention, instead of bulk look, Winstrol produces a lean, quality look with no fear of excess subcutaneous fluid retention.


    This makes it a great steroid to use during cutting cycles, when water and fat retention are a major concern. It is also very popular among athletes in combination strength/speed sports such as Track and Field.




    Steroids Hormone Winstrol powders/Stanozolol/Stanazol/ CAS No: 10418-03-8

    Winstrol has substantial fibrinolytic properties, and has been effective in the treatment of urticaria, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Stanozolol has also effected cures of osteonecrosis in cases resistant to all other therapy. Stanozolol has been used successfully in treatment of AIDS wasting syndrome.

    Winstrol is also useful in treatment of hereditary angioedema. It is somewhat hepatotoxic, but less so than many other oral anabolic steroids. It influences some immunological processes.


    Winstrol is the trade name for the anabolic steroid Stanozolol. This is the third most popular and widely used anabolic steroid in all history and in the whole world. The first most popular anabolic steroid is Dianabol (Methandrostenolone), second most popular is Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin), and the third most popular is stanozolol In particular, Winstrol is the anabolic steroid best known for its supposed use by Canadian Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson when he was tested positive for this compound in the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games. Winstrol’s information was first documented, published, and released in 1959. Shortly thereafter, Winthrop Laboratories located in the United Kingdom manufactured it into a prescription drug for use, and in 1961 Sterling in the United States purchased the patent for the drug. Shortly thereafter, it was then released onto the North American market and given the brand name label of Winstrol.


    Winstrol’s approved list of treatments for various medical conditions included: appetite stimulation for individuals suffering from tissue wasting diseases/disorders, weight maintenance and weight gain for the same conditions, strengthening of bone mass and density in Osteoporosis patients, the promotion of retarded and stunted growth in children, an adjunct medication to offset muscle wasting from long term corticosteroid administration, and for the recovery of burn victims as well as treating debilitating conditions (such as frail elderly patients). As is common with all anabolic steroids, the list of approved treatments for various medical conditions in the mid-1970s became limited and restricted by the FDA. It was then approved for a list of treatments which dwindled down to an Osteoporosis medication, and for the growth promotion in growth-retarded children.


    Winstrol is one of the only anabolic steroids alongside Anavar and a couple of select others that had survived the anabolic steroid manufacturing cessation in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This anabolic steroid instead enjoyed a successful survival during the 1980s and up through the 1990s, which as a time period where pharmaceutical companies had been discontinuing the production of various anabolic steroids to a very vast degree and very quickly. During the 1990s, its use had also expanded to the treatment of Anemic patients in order to bolster red blood cell count, as well as treating Angioedema, which is a condition whereby an individual’s tissue underneath the skin swells up (often the result of hereditary genetics). Eventually, manufacturing issues caused it to be discontinued but its production was then soon after resumed by Ovation Pharmaceuticals, which purchased the rights for manufacture in 2003. Stanozolol continues to be approved for the treatment of medical conditions in North America today, but unfortunately manufacturing operations by Ovation Pharmaceuticals are not currently active. Therefore, no pharmaceutical grade related products currently exist on the American market. Internationally, Winstrol is still manufactured and marketed under several big name pharmaceutical companies, as well as used extensively as both a human-grade product as well as a veterinary product.



    High Quality Oral Stanozolol / Winstrol 50mg/20mg  Fat Loss And Bodybuilding 0




    WhatsApp:+86 17683962426





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    1: After our quation ,you will choose to accept or not.

    2: If you decide to have a try, choose a payment method to pay for the order.

    3: We will sent the package out in 24hours after we received the payment ,then will sent the tracking number with packaging detail to you via mai.

    4: We will help track the package until you receive it successful,if accident happen ,we will see the reason to decide re-sent for free or half-price re-sent.

    Our Competitive Advantages:
    1. Rich experience: we specialize in this field for many years, our steroids have been exported almost over the world. Such as USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Australia, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania, Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Austria, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, other Middle East countries, European countries, American countries and more Areas.
    2. Great quality: High purity and Favorable price. Good quality is the first base of our success. All of our products enjoys high purity. Thus, it can make sure your demand. Welcome order the samples, MOQ just 10 grams.
    3. Safe and fast delivery: Lots of different discreet safe packing methods, experience in choosing express, 4~7 days to arrive, successful rate 99%.
    4. Experiential order and cooperation: Besides raw powders, we offer hormone solution and Recipes. We can teach you or discuss how to make hormone solution on the site. Any discussion and question is welcome!

    Packaging & Service:
    1. Mass stock, to make sure delivery promptly every day when the payment is done.
    2. Having been engaged in this field for years, we have sophisticated and professional logistics department, which can guarantee safe and speedy delivery.
    3. Well-trained and disciplined packing team which is professional enough to provide you a safe package. It also avoid a lot of emergency happen during the delivery so that high customs pass is guaranteed. Unique ways to ship 10grams to 20 kilograms powders(or 100ml to 30 Liter liquids) at one time to your destination.
    4. Packing pictures and tacking number are provided within 24 hours as soon as receiving the payment. Updated tracking code will be provided every other day just for you can hold a palm of your package.
    5. Perfect after-sale service: Any questions or problems happened after receiving the product.
    Please feel free to contact us. 24/7 online to solve your various problems!



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